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First Minister’s Reading Challenge

Before Christmas 1st Musselburgh Guides signed up for the First Minister’s Reading challenge. Over the Christmas holidays we looked for opportunities to read more.


In the new year we did a sponsored read-a-thon for 90 mins and raised £439 for District and Unit funds.

Over Easter we agreed to read more than usual and read instructions, recipes, magazines and books.

We have a huge range of reading ability from equivalent of age 7 to very advanced but we were able to have a good discussion about what we read after the hols Harry Potter and related books were a big theme. About a quarter had read factual books with a few more fiction based on fact. Books read included:-

*Becoming Michelle Obama

*The Tattooist of Auschwitz


*One of us is lying

*To Kill a Mockingbird

*Orphan, Monster, Spy

Barriers to reading more were money and a quiet space. We discussed sharing books, free downloads and using the library to mitigate where cost or weight limit was a limiting factor.

Where distractions reduced reading time (noisy siblings seemed to be biggest issue) suggestions to reduce impact included read in bed, find a quieter room or space in garden, use audio book and read alone at same time, listen to music, use earplugs or utilise Musselburgh library (after school, Saturday or their late evening.

We have been looking at book lists to decide what we extra books we read over the coming months. We’ve made a submission to the First Minister’s Challenge and hope we win money to buy new books.

Posted 165 weeks ago