Rainbows at Blair Drummond

A section for young members aged 4 – 7 who learn by doing. Rainbows get involved and build their confidence and make new friends in a safe setting offering fun activities.

  • Joining age – any time from her fourth birthday.
  • Move up to Brownies – between her seventh birthday and seven years and six months.
  • Recommended time in Rainbows – three years.

Brownies at playpark - Girlguiding East Lothian

A section for young members aged 7 – 10.

  • Joining age – seventh birthday.
  • Move up to Guides – between her 10th and 11th birthdays.
  • Recommended time in Brownies – three years.


A section for young members aged 10 – 14.

  • Joining age – 10th birthday.
  • Move up to The Senior Section – between her 14th and 16th birthdays.
  • Recommended time in Guides – four years.


A section for young members aged 14 – 18.

  • Joining age – 14th birthday.
  • No longer part of Rangers – 19th birthday.

Girls sitting in the Pentlands - Girlguiding East Lothian
Inspire logo - Girlguiding East Lothian

A section for young members aged 18 – 30, a community that is flexible and tailored to you.

Trefoil Guild making decorations - Girlguiding East Lothian
Trefoil Guild

A section for adult members aged 18 and over is a space to make new friends, travel, explore, serve their communities and help Guiding thrive across the UK! It’s not all about the young members.